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Venus - Self-confident Feminity and Women's Power

Venus - Self-confident Feminity and Women's Power

First I wanted to call the center "Athena Venus Center". Unfortunately, the name "Venus" has unattractive connotations. Therefore I have decided against it. Nevertheless, I would like to emphasize the positive qualities of this Roman goddess. Qualities, which we need also today as women.

Long before our historiography, it was women who co-determined the rhythm of the earth - through menstruation, receptivity and birth: those who gave birth to children and were also able to breastfeed ensured the survival of their own species and clan. The Venus of Willendorf with her opulent forms is the epitome of this self-confident femininity, who rests in her midst and is also aware of her power.

Venus Willendorf - This figurine was discvered on Aug. 7th, 1908 during excavation works in Willendorf in der Wachau by Archeologist Josef Szombathy gefunden.

What do we do with this figure from the age of matriarchy today? Women have long been the decisive impulses for the renewal of our society.

"Goddess of love"

According to the astrological calendar each year another planet from a total of seven has the lead. 2018 is under the influence of Venus. Venus is known as a quiet and very pleasant planet; it stands for emotions, luxury, beauty, sensuality and relationship. Not without reason is Venus the goddess of love according to Roman mythology.
Venus is also equated with an archetype, a primal principle of the soul. C.G. Jung (1875-1961) has described the timeless concept of archetypes, which was already used in antiquity by Plato or Pythagoras, as the "collective unconscious". He says: "These patterns function similarly to instincts, but relate to the spiritual life of man. They can be traced all over the world as structurally universal, formally varying image schemes."
According to this description, archetypes symbolize the basic building blocks of human existence or the core elements of the human soul. Often unconsciously, people radiate certain characteristics.
The archetype Venus stands for harmony, pleasure, loving mindfulness, the power of (self-)-love, sensuality, trust and personal responsibility.

Archetypes like Venus can serve as a thought model for finding one's own - female - power.

"Reinvent yourself."

The year of Venus (until March 20, 2019), according to astrology, gives us very special cosmic energies to reinvent ourselves and find our way back into the rhythm of our soul. This own internal clock ticks independently of external social and personal factors that often generate "stress". It is about opening oneself to these inner energies through understanding and mindfulness and using them, adjusting one's own life, steering it in new directions or even bringing about a decisive turnaround.

An advanced Venus soul lives in harmony with herself and the world, the joyful soul lives in a healthy body. The quest for external security has become internal security and external serenity. Acceptance of one's own reality is a step towards one's own power and thus towards women's power.

Feeling and living femininity

Women should find their elementary female power again - beyond the roles defined by society - and exploit their full potential. Women today need to take their place confidently, authentically and sustainably - as mothers and family women as well as in business life.
To this end, Athena Center Women Wisdom focuses on offers that promote energy work to promote inner strength, well-being and holistic health and bring the energy resources in the body back into harmony.

Athena Center Women Wisdom is a meeting place for people looking for an integrated approach to holistic well-being through mindfulness in all areas of life - Mindful Living - Mindful Working.

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