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Stop the Carousel and Keep your Spirit Agile

Stop the Carousel and Keep your Spirit Agile

Sometimes our thoughts are turning around in our head like a carousel. And we do not find rest, direction or peace. And possibly even our whole life is perceived as a carousel of events, encounters, pleasures, disenchantments, trips, jobs, aspirations.

As children we have dreams which we wish to become true. We look at the world with curious eyes, eager to learn, to experience and discover what life has to offer.
Then we go to school, and learn, learn from books and teachers. We pass exams, pre-pare ourselves – we are said – for the life ahead. However most of the time we prepare ourselves for a profession, a job, so that we can sustain ourselves. And attend to our needs is necessary indeed.

However is this really the whole purpose of a life time? Is it not more important, or at least as important, to learn to ask questions, and these questions especially: Who am I? Why am I here? Where do I come from? And keep asking them so that our spirit re-mains alive, eager to discover, keeps questioning the given, the rules, beliefs & habits?
So that it finds its own answers instead of adapting to a pre-defined model, so that it keeps the agility to come up with its own replies, solutions and innovative ideas?

What remains today of our children’s dreams? Why not step down from the carousel and take time to reflect, open up again to this inner source of wisdom, find the courage to think out-of-the-box and stand up for our opinions and convictions.

Life is a journey of permanent discoveries and apprentices, not an construct of habits, dogmas, set beliefs and rules to be followed, day after day.
Life is a never ending journey of personal transformations.

Step down from the carousel and welcome the unknown, welcome the challenges and both mind and body will remain young and youthful.
With an agile spirit, open for changes, new experiences and wonders.

At Athena Center – Women Wisdom the carousel stops turning and time stands still to allow personal transformation and broadening of awareness.

 Simone am 09.10.2018