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When water speaks ...

When water speaks ...

She sings, she whispers, she dances between stones and rocks, glides everywhere, into all the gaps in her path.

She caresses the ear and the stones with her softness, her imperturbable regular flow. She speaks to me, tells me the wisdom of life, the beauty of life, yes, the perfect beauty of the present moment.

Spontaneously I decided to go to the mountains to taste this splendid sunny day that this autumn offers us.
After a ride on the cable car, a good coffee at the arrival station and a moment's walk on a winding path, I hear the melodious voice of this stream.

And that voice attracts me like a magnet.
I cannot and will not resist it. I leave the path and go down to its edge. And as soon as I get there, the water speaks to me, tells me the life, the joy of dancing between the stones that scatter its bed.

She tells me that it is a metaphor for our energy: sometimes it flows harmoniously through our veins, our cells, our limbs and gives us strength and vivacity.
And at other times, like water that becomes crystal, even ice, it stops, it is blocked, trapped, obstructed.

At first it is possible that we may not perceive this change, perhaps subtle. However, if this blockage persists, our body stops working like a high-precision watch. A wheel becomes squeaky, fluidity is limited and eventually turns into a physical or psychological evil. Often the latter precedes the first and if we ignore it it is indeed the body that ends up expressing its discomfort in the form of some kind of disease.

Water is also the symbol of the unconscious according to C. G. Jung, pioneer of depth psychology. Being by the water, and listening to it, brings relaxation and well-being, peace and serenity.

It can also be a reflection of our thoughts: are they fluid, flowing from one present to another, or lost in the past or already building a hypothetical future?
Are they stuck in prejudices, outdated values, focused on our ego?

Have they crystallized to the point where they have become rigid like ice?
If so, what sun will it melt it?

This sun is the love of oneself, the love of the present moment, perfect. It is to dare to have the courage to enter into silence and stop these tireless thoughts, to tell our intellect to leave us in peace with all its questions and to savour what our essence is: to taste the beauty of the flow of life in us, here and now.

And from this depth other images emerge, sources of inspiration, which will dissolve ice and blockages, which will reactivate the regular flow of the inner stream of energy and wisdom.

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 Simone am 11.10.2018