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Light and Female Consciousness

Light and Female Consciousness

She saw the light for the first time on June 10, the day she was born, our little niece. A wonder of beauty and perfection. Looking at her, holding her in our arms illuminates all faces and hearts. There is no need for words, she communicates by her simple presence and the energy that inhabits her.
Observing her my mind began to wander: which path of life will she travel? What joys, encounters, obstacles and experiences will make her grow and contribute to the development of her personality?
My dearest wish is that whatever life choice she takes she is recognized, respected and appreciated for what she is, as a woman, with all her facets.

According to C.G. Jung in each human being co-inhabits two energies or two forms of spiritual light: animus, male energy, and anima, female energy. When they are in harmony the person is healthy and can develop her full file potential. He also distinguished between "lumen dei, the light emanating from the spiritual kingdom of a transcendent God, and Lumen naturae, the light hidden in matter and in the forces of nature" (1). Lumen dei which is associated with the masculine can be accessed through spiritual practices or revelations while lumen naturae, associated with the feminine is liberated through a work of inner transformation which he called "alchemical work".

It is through this alchemical work that we bring to light our full potential and can manifest it.
Male energy is also that of "doing", whereas female energy is "being". Anthropological and archaeological research has revealed that humanity has experienced periods when these two forms of energy were in harmony and that the activities of both men and women were equally recognized and appreciated.

This has not been the case for many centuries. Instead of forming a whole in with equal shares, the components of male energy gradually expanded, and as a result were attributed more value and consideration. An imbalance followed, which we still live today: we live in a society created and defined by men.

For women, the latter still means inequalities in many respects in the 21st century: social, economic, psychological and hinders freedom of expression and action. Statistics and studies carried out by research institutes, think tanks and universities have brought these facts to light. The price for the economy and our humanity cannot be quantified: how to express in figures the pain inflicted on each individual and on society as a whole? For if women have suffered and still pay a heavy price, men too: they are not able to be in their global strength as long as their own female part is not revealed globally.

Thus it is women who are called in the first place to work with themselves in order to reconnect with their intrinsic nature, their lumen naturae, their vital life force or as I like to call it: their feminine wisdom. The first step, however, is to forgive men for their past and present actions.

This task falls to women because this energy is innate to them: by its liberation it radiates on all those around them, in both private and professional environments. Recently a man to whom I introduced Athena Center told me: "If things are going well for women, they are going well for us too".

This transformational work is one of the reasons of being of Athena Center- Women Wisdom. It is dedicated to this little niece and to all women and men who wish and desire to contribute to the development of a just and equitable society for all.

(1); Lewellyn Vaughan Lee, die Matrix des Lebens / Rückkehr des Weiblichen / The Return of the Feminine and the World Soul

 Simone am 14.08.2018