Athena Center - Women Wisdom

Athena - Wise Goddess and Strong Woman

Athena - Wise Goddess and Strong Woman

Athena Center - Women Wisdom is the name of my newly founded organization. The aim is to encourage and promote women to reach their full potential and to take their place in the business world  and society in a self-confident, authentic and sustainable manner.
The reference to the Greek goddess "Athena" as part of the name is deliberately chosen. Athena is considered the goddess of wisdom. She is often represented with an owl - the symbol of wisdom. Athena is considered to be the female archetype of a strong, logical thinking and independent woman with many talents. This arouses respect and appreciation from both male and female environments.

According to Greek mythology, Athena was the goddess of war, but also of wisdom. And she protected the city of Athens and heroes like Ulysses: Athena equaled her father Zeus in power and influence. However, she does not necessarily act like a man, but shows an incorruptibility in thinking and in the assessment of life situations, even when things get emotional. She has the ability for clear logic - with a deliberate, strategic approach - and behaves in an appreciative manner towards her environment.
Athena’s qualities are also needed by today's women in order to go thru life both professionally and privately while maintaining and strengthening their self-confidence. Whatsmore, serious studies show that the economic success of an economy is based on a balanced relationship between women and men at all levels in the organisation.

How far away our society is from this can be read almost daily in the media. Referring to these, women on average still earn significantly less than men for equal positions and competencies (NZZ 8.1.18). According to the Schilling Report 2018, the development of gender diversity in the management of Switzerland's largest employers is "sobering": after a hopeful increase last year, the proportion of women has fallen again in 2018 - from 8 to 7 percent (

And the Gender Intelligence Report 2018 of the University of St. Gallen - Competence Centre for Diversity and Inclusion ( - also shows that much remains to be done to increase the proportion of women in management positions.

Athena Center - Women Wisdom sees it as its mission and task to accompany and support women in responsible leadership positions. This also with a view to implementing a new culture of togetherness in a digitally changed economy.

It is also about the role of women in this changed society. The aim is not only to substantially increase the proportion of women in management positions in Switzerland. But also to ask the fundamental question: who will lead Switzerland in the future? And which people should manage companies in the future? One thing is clear: women play a central role

Prof. Nida-Rümelin: "The optimization trap - philosophy of a new human economy": "The economy of the market can only be successful if economic practice remains culturally and ethically embedded. An economic market that breaks all ties, shakes off all institutions, which becomes the universal principle of human interaction, destroys the conditions of its success. Pure action criteria under the primacy of an optimized economy ignore value-based ethics."

 Simone am 28.08.2018